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Awaji Island Iwaya Port’s famous restaurant "Restaurant Hama Chidori"

Restaurant Hama Chidori

After shopping for souvenirs at the roadside station Awaji, I walked back to Iwaya Port.

It’s past 11 o’clock, so I head to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor.

The menu is full of ♪ Awaji Island specialties

Island raw rice bowl (with soup and pickles) 950 yen

I wanted to eat this, so I planned this trip!

It was a dish that made me glad that I came this far with fresh ♪ and transparent raw ~ .

Kakiage of whitebait and onion (2 pieces) 400 yen

The onions are sweet and if you sprinkle a little salt on them, they are exquisite.

1 fried red bean paste (2 sticks) 900 yen

A dish with a large conger eel meat fluffy and crisp batter.

The price of 900 yen for two bottles is also surprising.

I’m glad I came to eat this far and ♪ I want to come back again.


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≪ Restaurant Hama Chidori

Iwaya Port Building 2F on Awaji Island.

Address: Iwaya Port Building 2F, 925-27 Iwaya, Awaji City



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