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Himeji’s popular bar ”Marumasaya Main Store”

Marumasaya Main Store

I wonder if it will be behind the Sanyo Department Store in front of the north exit of JR Himeji Station, under the overpass of Sanyo Himeji Station.

I came to an arcade street called Minamimachi Chuo-dori.

The purpose is “Marumasaya” just around the end of the arcade.

It is a very affordable izakaya with a restaurant atmosphere where you can have a lunch.

The menu was also substantial.

The porridge is chopped cabbage in a ball (275 yen per person).

This was all-you-can-eat.

Hot grilled edamame (209 yen).

Himeji’s specialty Hinepon (649 yen).

Because it’s Himeji, I thought it was “Himepon“, but it was “Hinepon” (laughs)

Perfect for sake with ponzu sauce flavor! It was exquisite.

The grilled liver (429 yen) is soggy and rich ♪. It is irresistible for liver lovers.

Beautiful pink tuna (539 yen).

We enjoyed 5 skewers (605 yen).

Before you know it, the restaurant is full. It was a very popular izakaya.

I want to ♪ eat again


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≪Marumasaya Main Store

About a 5-minute walk from the north exit of JR Himeji Station.

Address: 8 Minami-cho, Himeji City


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