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To Obama Onsen where you can enjoy steaming ♪

More about Obama Onsen

Obama Onsen is a hot spring village located on the west side of the Shimabara Peninsula in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

The hot spring inns lined up along the coastline and the steamy atmosphere of such a hot spring town are also popular.

You can relax in the free footbath, which is the longest in the Japan, or look forward to stopping by and taking a dip.

There are also specialty dishes such as steamed hot spring dishes and Obama champon.

You can enjoy it even on a day trip, but this time I stayed for one night and enjoyed Obama Onsen slowly.



From Fukuoka to Obama Onsen

To get to Obama Onsen from Fukuoka by public transportation, go to Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture,

It is common to take a local bus from there.

I think the cheapest way is to take a highway bus from Hakata or Tenjin Bus Center to Isahaya,

This time I used the newly opened Nishikyushu Shinkansen.

From Hakata Station, take the limited express train and change to the Shinkansen at Takeo Onsen Station to Isahaya Station.

There is a bus terminal at the east exit of Isahaya Station, and there is a bus bound for Obama from bus stop No. 1.

It takes about 3 hours in total.

Let’s go to Obama Onsen!


To be continued-#2へ