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Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple ~ Filming location of famous movies

Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple

Return to Himeji Station and head to the bus stop.

Purchase ♪ a discount ticket at the Shinki Bus counter behind bus stop 9

The round-trip bus ticket to the front of the Shoshayama ropeway and the round-trip ticket to the ropeway were a set, and it was 1,420 yen.

(Maybe it’s about 140 yen cheaper)

Take bus 8 from bus stop 10 to the last stop.

After about 30 minutes, we arrived in front of the Shoshayama ropeway.

It seems that the arrival time of the bus and the operating time of the ropeway are linked, and the staff hurriedly guided us to the ropeway platform.

Upon arrival, you will pay the entrance fee (500 yen), and if you use the microbus, you will pay an additional 500 yen (round trip by microbus).

You can also walk to Enkyoji Temple, but it takes about 25~30 minutes.

The elderly and people with children seemed to be using the bus.

Take a bus along the mountain road for a few minutes. We have arrived.

This is also the filming location for Hollywood movies such as “Last Sae Rye”.

We visited the building, which is also an important cultural property, in a solemn atmosphere.


Please also watch the YouTube video.


Shoshayama Ropeway

It takes about 30 minutes to take bus No. 8 from JR Himeji Ekimae Bus Terminal No. 10.

Address: Himeji City Shosha 119-2

Tel: 079-266-2006


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≪Tendai Sect Bekku Honzan Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple

It takes about 30 minutes to take bus No. 8 from JR Himeji Ekimae Bus Terminal No. 10.

After that, move to the ropeway.

Address: Himeji City Shosha 2968

Tel (Honboji Office): 079-266-3327


google map: