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  • 2023/3/20

Perfect for a little drink! Bean Dish Izakaya

Skewers and bean plate Torami The izakaya “Kushi and Bean Plate Torami” newly opened at the end of November last year in the Haruyoshi area of Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. As the name suggests, it is a restaurant that serves charcoal-grilled skewers and small plates. The counter seats are shaped like this around the kitchen. It has ♪ a calm atmosphere with dark lighting. The order was a self-order that read the QR code. There are two types of passes. Grilled sandpipers and pickled celery. I ordered 5 recommended yakitori. Everything was well baked and delicious. 5 yakitori omakase 1,800 yen I also ordered several bean plate dishes. It’s fun to be able to eat various things little by little. It’s also good for a little […]

  • 2023/3/16

Sushi lunch in the Hakata Station area

Kyushu Hakata Daiyoshi Sushi Premium A sushi restaurant run by Kawataro, a popular Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka for making live squid. It is a sushi restaurant with three stores in Fukuoka City, and except for this one, it is a rotating sushi form. Premium stores are stores in hotels, so they have a bit of a sense of luxury. Lunch time is 11:30~14:00. The last order is at 13:30, so it seems good to come early. This time, I ordered a premium lunch and a top lunch. (Premium lunch 3,980yen) (Upper lunch 2,380yen) The set included sushi, a small bowl (this time with mozuku vinegar), steamed rice bowls, tempura, and miso soup. The set contents are the same, so the price difference is the difference […]

  • 2023/3/6

A hot pot restaurant where you can enjoy hot pot alone!

Nabebata Shinkawa Bridge The izakaya “Nabebata Shinkawabashi” opened in December last year. It is the sixth izakaya operated by the popular izakaya Sankobashi. Speaking of Sankobashi, it is a popular restaurant that requires reservations, such as Robata Sankobashi and shell Sankobashi~. This time, it’s not “ass” but “nabebata” (laughs) Like a charcoal grill prepared for each customer in front of the seat, they prepare the pot on the stove individually. There are various types of pots, but we recommend the basic pot. It contains special chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, tofu, etc. You can choose from 6 types of soup stock! Deficit is the menu of other pots. On this day, yellowtail shabu was also recommended. You can add your favorite ingredients (charged) Access It is […]

  • 2023/1/20

Teppanyaki Izakaya ♪ where foreigners gather

Enjoy Teppan Tami A restaurant where you can eat authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki grilled by a shop owner from Hiroshima Prefecture. There is a large iron plate in the center of the restaurant, and the staff will cook in front of you. If you want to eat okonomiyaki thoroughly, order a gutsy size, and if you want to eat while enjoying alcohol, order a snack size (half size). In addition, there is a wide variety of teppanyaki menus, so it is recommended to try various dishes while enjoying alcohol! As for drinks, the “TAMI Ball”, which is a highball divided by original lemon vinegar, has a strong lemon flavor and is refreshing and easy to drink. Watch the YouTube video! ↓↓↓ Access The nearest station is […]

  • 2023/1/19

Yakitori restaurant at Hakata Station ~Umaya~

On the way back from New Year’s shopping at Hakata Station at the end of the year, I headed to have a leisurely lunch… JR Hakata City’s restaurant district “Kuten”! The price range is a little high and you can’t go to the daily lunch easily, It is a popular restaurant district because of its good location and many stores. Access Take the elevator near the main entrance on the Hakata exit side of Hakata Station and go to the 9th or 10th floor. This time we headed to the 10th floor! Umaya JR Hakata City It is a restaurant where you can eat skewers from lunchtime. ≪Umaya JR Hakata City store≫ TEL:092-415-1150 Address: 1-1-10F Hakata Station Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Official website: Google […]