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Yakitori restaurant at Hakata Station ~Umaya~

On the way back from New Year’s shopping at Hakata Station at the end of the year, I headed to have a leisurely lunch…

JR Hakata City’s restaurant district “Kuten”!

The price range is a little high and you can’t go to the daily lunch easily,

It is a popular restaurant district because of its good location and many stores.


Take the elevator near the main entrance on the Hakata exit side of Hakata Station and go to the 9th or 10th floor.

This time we headed to the 10th floor!

Umaya JR Hakata City

It is a restaurant where you can eat skewers from lunchtime.

≪Umaya JR Hakata City store≫


Address: 1-1-10F Hakata Station Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City

Official website:

Google Maps (Maps):

Please also watch the YouTube video! ↓↓↓


博多駅JR博多シティ10Fくうてんにある焼き鳥店「うまや」さんでランチ飲みをしてきました。・本日の食事代は・・ 生ビール…


In addition to skewers, there is also a set meal.

Chicken dishes such as oyakodon and chicken hitabushi seem to be recommended.

Domestic beef and chicken nanban set meal 1,400 yen

Of course, there are plenty of skewers ♪.

I had it with beer.

Liver 210 yen/1 stick, butt 210 yen/1 bottle

Grilled shrimp with salt 200 yen / 1 bottle

Bell pepper 150 yen, quail roll 270 yen, pork belly 270 yen

Everything was delicious.