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  • 2021/11/8

Awaji Genobarain connecting Akashi and Iwaya

Day 2 The morning of the second day was fine! I checked out of the hotel and came to JR Himeji Station. Today we will take the JR line to Akashi. It takes about 25 minutes to get on the new rapid train. We arrived at Akashi Station. The main purpose of this trip. Or rather, it is not an exaggeration to say that I planned this trip to get here (laughs) I head to the cafeteria. Here is where I went from Akashi Station past the Akashi Uotana shopping street ↓↓↓ “Awaji Genoa Line Akashi Port” From here, head to Awaji Island! There are many pamphlets about Awaji Island tourist information in the terminal. Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines. When the departure […]

  • 2021/11/4

Oden and Kushikatsu Himeji shop

Oden and Kushikatsu Himeji shop The second case came to “Himeji Goodwill Street” in front of JR Himeji Station. On this street, there are seafood izakaya, sushi restaurants, and shops such as Himeji Oden. It seems that there is also a branch of Maru Masaie, which I visited in the first case. You can also enjoy it on this street. And the shop I chose was “Himeji Oden and Kushikatsu Shop”. It’s the first time I’ve encountered Himeji oden, but it seems that the way to eat it is to sprinkle ginger soy sauce on it. First, I ordered a drink. Draft beer (539 yen), Himeji lemon sour (484 yen). And here it comes! The main Himeji oden. There was also an assortment set, but […]

  • 2021/11/1

Himeji’s popular bar ”Marumasaya Main Store”

Marumasaya Main Store I wonder if it will be behind the Sanyo Department Store in front of the north exit of JR Himeji Station, under the overpass of Sanyo Himeji Station. I came to an arcade street called Minamimachi Chuo-dori. The purpose is “Marumasaya” just around the end of the arcade. It is a very affordable izakaya with a restaurant atmosphere where you can have a lunch. The menu was also substantial. The porridge is chopped cabbage in a ball (275 yen per person). This was all-you-can-eat. Hot grilled edamame (209 yen). Himeji’s specialty Hinepon (649 yen). Because it’s Himeji, I thought it was “Himepon“, but it was “Hinepon” (laughs) Perfect for sake with ponzu sauce flavor! It was exquisite. The grilled liver (429 yen) […]

  • 2021/10/28

Very comfortable Hotel Livemax Himeji Station Minami

Hotel Livemax Himeji Station South The lodging in Himeji is “Hotel Livemax Himeji Station South”, which is just across the street from the south exit of JR Himeji Station. I booked a twin room. Enter the room and be surprised ♪ by the spacious room Large suitcases can be unfolded with peace of mind. On the bed is indoor clothes and a bag. When you go to the large public bath of natural hot spring, you can bring a towel with you. There is a microwave on top of the refrigerator where the refrigeration and freezing are separated. There were sterilized glasses in the fridge. It’s nice to have a meal or drink in your room. Toilet and bath rules are separate. The shower stall […]

  • 2021/10/25

Enkyoji Cafe in the forest

Enkyoji Cafe After finishing the tour of Enkyoji Temple, on the way to the microbus stop, I found an outdoor café that looked like a food stall. I was walking along the mountain road and taking a walk, so I just wanted to relax. Moreover, you can also enjoy hand drip coffee at a full-fledged café. Drinks are 500 yen. There were also baked goods. I had freshly ground iced coffee and organic iced tea. After a while, we headed to the ropeway. Continues.. Please also watch the YouTube video. ≪Ametsuchi Enkyoji Cafe≫ Official Instagram: google map: 

  • 2021/10/24

Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple ~ Filming location of famous movies

Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple Return to Himeji Station and head to the bus stop. Purchase ♪ a discount ticket at the Shinki Bus counter behind bus stop 9 The round-trip bus ticket to the front of the Shoshayama ropeway and the round-trip ticket to the ropeway were a set, and it was 1,420 yen. (Maybe it’s about 140 yen cheaper) Take bus 8 from bus stop 10 to the last stop. After about 30 minutes, we arrived in front of the Shoshayama ropeway. It seems that the arrival time of the bus and the operating time of the ropeway are linked, and the staff hurriedly guided us to the ropeway platform. Upon arrival, you will pay the entrance fee (500 yen), and if you use the […]

  • 2021/10/20

Symbol of Himeji "Himeji Castle"

Himeji Castle I had a Japanese confectionery set at Mr. Jujiro, When you return to Otemae Street, you will see Himeji Castle in front of you! There are also several souvenir shops on the street. Then, let’s go sightseeing at Himeji Castle right away! Admission fee: 1,000 yen for adults. Regarding the area where the general public can walk, it seems that there is no prohibited section for taking photos and videos in principle. I enjoyed walking around the castle. Since the site is large, it takes about one hour just to aim for the castle tower. Comfortable clothes are recommended. We walked a lot, so we headed to lunch after this. Continues.. Please also watch the YouTube video. ≪Himeji Castle Himeji Castle≫ It is […]

  • 2021/10/20

Jujiro’s Ohagi

2nd house Jujiro From the first house, Yamasa Kamaboko, proceed towards Himeji Castle, On the right was Jujiro. At a store I researched on the Internet You can easily eat the ohagi set. The image looked so delicious that I wanted to eat it. Of course, the order is a Japanese confectionery set where you can eat ohagi. Two kinds of Japanese sweets and drinks are included. Enter the store and choose two types of Japanese sweets from the showcase in front. For drinks, choose hojicha from roasted green tea and coffee. It’s a Japanese confectionery. It would be roasted tea! For Japanese sweets, I chose ancient rice and brown rice. (The set on the left is sesame seeds and wormwood) Moderately sweet, ancient rice […]

  • 2021/10/18

Himeji’s castle town Doggu

Thursday: 9:26 I arrived 🎵 at Himeji Station From Hakata, change the Shinkansen at Okayama for about 2 hours and 10 minutes. A pleasant train trip 🚃 with good weather Breakfast was early, so I was hungry. Leave your luggage in the locker at the station and go for a walk in front of the station. When you exit JR Himeji Station from the north exit, you will see Otemae Street in front of you. And what you can see in the back is Himeji Castle, the symbol of Himeji! It’s big. You can’t say you’ve come to Himeji if you don’t go to this. Convinced, I walked along the arcade street Miyuki Street. 1st restaurant Yamasa Kamaboko It seems that the castle town is […]