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  • 2021/10/20

Jujiro’s Ohagi

2nd house Jujiro From the first house, Yamasa Kamaboko, proceed towards Himeji Castle, On the right was Jujiro. At a store I researched on the Internet You can easily eat the ohagi set. The image looked so delicious that I wanted to eat it. Of course, the order is a Japanese confectionery set where you can eat ohagi. Two kinds of Japanese sweets and drinks are included. Enter the store and choose two types of Japanese sweets from the showcase in front. For drinks, choose hojicha from roasted green tea and coffee. It’s a Japanese confectionery. It would be roasted tea! For Japanese sweets, I chose ancient rice and brown rice. (The set on the left is sesame seeds and wormwood) Moderately sweet, ancient rice […]