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  • 2023/1/20

Teppanyaki Izakaya ♪ where foreigners gather

Enjoy Teppan Tami A restaurant where you can eat authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki grilled by a shop owner from Hiroshima Prefecture. There is a large iron plate in the center of the restaurant, and the staff will cook in front of you. If you want to eat okonomiyaki thoroughly, order a gutsy size, and if you want to eat while enjoying alcohol, order a snack size (half size). In addition, there is a wide variety of teppanyaki menus, so it is recommended to try various dishes while enjoying alcohol! As for drinks, the “TAMI Ball”, which is a highball divided by original lemon vinegar, has a strong lemon flavor and is refreshing and easy to drink. Watch the YouTube video! ↓↓↓ Access The nearest station is […]