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  • 2023/1/24

Drop-in open-air bath with a superb view!

Akane Nami-no-yu Introduced many times on TV, we went to a very popular drop-in hot spring. I was able to make a reservation 3 days in advance, so I made a reservation by phone in advance. I wanted to make a reservation around sunset if possible, but it’s already full of popular times! If you want to see the sunset from the open-air bath, we recommend that you make a reservation by phone as soon as reservations are available. This time, I booked 50 minutes from 3 p.m. It costs 2,000 yen for 50 minutes. * It seems that there is an additional charge for use by more than 4 people. (10 minutes is cleaning time) Pay at the hotel reception and pick up the […]

  • 2023/1/17

Hell steaming lunch ♪ at Obama Onsen

Seafood Market Steaming Kettle Yasan It is very close to the longest footbath in the Japan and the area lined with souvenir shops. “Steaming kettle” in a place where you can see the sea. There is a steaming kettle that uses the steam of the hot spring on site. Ingredients for seafood and steamed dishes are lined up in the store, so you can choose what you like and pay the bill first. After the checkout is over, take it to the steaming kettle and the staff in charge will put it in the steaming kettle. Of course, in addition to steamed dishes, you can also order set meals and seafood bowls. (Gome Kaisendon 1,100 yen) When the food is steamed, the bell that was […]

  • 2023/1/8

To Obama Onsen where you can enjoy steaming ♪

Obama Onsen is a hot spring village located on the west side of the Shimabara Peninsula in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture. The hot spring inns lined up along the coastline and the steamy atmosphere of such a hot spring town are also popular. You can relax in the free footbath, which is the longest in the Japan, or look forward to stopping by and taking a dip. There are also specialty dishes such as steamed hot spring dishes and Obama champon. You can enjoy it even on a day trip, but this time I stayed for one night and enjoyed Obama Onsen slowly. From Fukuoka to Obama Onsen To get to Obama Onsen from Fukuoka by public transportation, go to Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture, It […]

  • 2022/11/13

I went to Kurokawa Onsen

The mornings and evenings became cold, and at the end of September, I began to feel the signs of autumn. I started to miss the hot springs, so I went to Kurokawa Onsen. Access from Fukuoka I used to drive to visit Kurokawa Onsen. I think many people visit by car. I think it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from Fukuoka, This time, I used a highway bus! You can take the bus from Fukuoka Airport’s International Terminal 1F bus stop, Hakata Bus Terminal, and Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Terminal. Reserve your seat online for reservation. However, more than half of the seats were empty on weekdays, so it may have been okay not to make a reservation. Arrive at Kurokawa Onsen […]