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The scenery produced by huge rocks and valleys〜Mt.Juwang〜

1. About “Mt.Juwang”

Actually, the summit was different from what I was expecting, but this mountain has other attractions.

This mountain is rich in conifers, and in autumn you can easily imagine the scenery of wonderful autumn leaves.

And most impressive is the view of the valley created by huge rocks.

2. 周王山(チュワンサン)について




3. Access(アクセス)

Juwangsan visitor center

Adress : 295 Sangui-ri, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong, Gyeongsanbuk-do, Korea

Tel : 054-870-5300

HP :

How to go : Take the express bus from Bunsan Central Bus Terminal to Juwangsan Terminal.