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Autumnal scenery from the sky~Mt.Naejang Cable car(내장산 케이블카)~

1. About “Mt.Naejang”

“Naejangsan” is so popular that it is always ranked high in the popular spot ranking of autumn leaves in Korea.

There are many food stalls during the autumn leaves season, and it is crowded with people like a festival.

Even if you do not climb the mountain, you can go to near the observation deck by cable car, so you can fully enjoy the mountain atmosphere.

Naejangsa(temple) is one of the popular spots for autumn leaves.

It is better to go up by cable car and go down slowly via Naejangsa(temple) by foot.

2. 内蔵山(ネジャンサン)について







3. Access(アクセス)

≪ Mt.Naejang Cable car(内蔵山ケーブルカー)

Address: 936 Naejangsanro, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

OPEN: 9:00 ~ 17:00(generally)

 ※The day we went there was running from 8am.

Round trip fee: 8,000W One way fee: 5,500W


National Parks of Korea

How to go: Take the №171 bus from Jeongeup station to the end.

※Exit Jeongeup Station and turn left, then turn right at the first intersection and there will be a bus stop.