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Pebble beach in Geoje !! ~Heukjinju-mongdolhaebyeon~

1. About “Hanryeohaesang National Park”

Geoje city which can go from Busan to bus in about an hour and a half.

It is also known as a resort in the summer season.

Along the coastline of the Hakdong district,

there are promenades and restaurants stand side by side.

※This is not a sandy beach but a Pebble beach, but Pebble cannot be taken home. Please be careful as the person in charge is guarded.

2. ハンリョヘサン国立公園について






3. Access(アクセス)

Hanryeohaesang National Park

Address: Hakdong-ri, Dongbu-myeon, Geoje-si

How to go: Take an express bus from Busan West Bus Terminal and change to the №56 bus at Gohyeon Bus Terminal.