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  • 2023年5月4日

Popular popular yakiniku restaurant in Fukuoka

Wagyu wholesaler Choya A popular yakiniku restaurant “Wagyu Wholesaler Choya” in the Haruyoshi area of Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. As the name suggests, it is a meat wholesaler, so you can buy rare parts and high-quality meat at reasonable prices. The store setup is very quaint! Expectations are high ♪ When you enter the store, there are canter seats, sable seats, and a tatami room on the second floor. I sat at the counter and ordered Chinese cabbage kimchi and white senmai sashimi. White senmai sashimi 780 yen Kimchi has an authentic taste that feels the flavor of fermented seafood! The white senmai sashimi is pale and has no odor and you can feel the flavor of sesame oil. It is very delicious when dipped in […]