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  • 2021/10/28

Very comfortable Hotel Livemax Himeji Station Minami

Hotel Livemax Himeji Station South The lodging in Himeji is “Hotel Livemax Himeji Station South”, which is just across the street from the south exit of JR Himeji Station. I booked a twin room. Enter the room and be surprised ♪ by the spacious room Large suitcases can be unfolded with peace of mind. On the bed is indoor clothes and a bag. When you go to the large public bath of natural hot spring, you can bring a towel with you. There is a microwave on top of the refrigerator where the refrigeration and freezing are separated. There were sterilized glasses in the fridge. It’s nice to have a meal or drink in your room. Toilet and bath rules are separate. The shower stall […]