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  • 2021/11/17

Awaji Island Iwaya Port’s famous restaurant "Restaurant Hama Chidori"

Restaurant Hama Chidori After shopping for souvenirs at the roadside station Awaji, I walked back to Iwaya Port. It’s past 11 o’clock, so I head to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor. The menu is full of ♪ Awaji Island specialties Island raw rice bowl (with soup and pickles) 950 yen I wanted to eat this, so I planned this trip! It was a dish that made me glad that I came this far with fresh ♪ and transparent raw ~ . Kakiage of whitebait and onion (2 pieces) 400 yen The onions are sweet and if you sprinkle a little salt on them, they are exquisite. 1 fried red bean paste (2 sticks) 900 yen A dish with a large conger eel meat fluffy […]

  • 2021/11/11

Take a break at the roadside station Awaji

Roadside Station Awaji There is time until the cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the terminal building of Iwaya Port, which is the purpose of this trip, opens. I decided to go to the popular roadside station Awaji. If you check at the tourist information center, the free shuttle bus and the excursion bus (community bus) start at 11 o’clock. It takes about 25~30 minutes on foot, so I decided to go by taxi. While looking at this scenery, people drinking beer and eating seafood bowls flickered. When it’s lunchtime, it’s likely to be more. After looking for souvenirs, we walked back to Iwaya Port. Continues.. Please also watch the YouTube video. ≪ roadside station Awaji≫ It takes about 25 minutes on foot from Iwaya […]