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  • 2023/1/17

Hell steaming lunch ♪ at Obama Onsen

Seafood Market Steaming Kettle Yasan It is very close to the longest footbath in the Japan and the area lined with souvenir shops. “Steaming kettle” in a place where you can see the sea. There is a steaming kettle that uses the steam of the hot spring on site. Ingredients for seafood and steamed dishes are lined up in the store, so you can choose what you like and pay the bill first. After the checkout is over, take it to the steaming kettle and the staff in charge will put it in the steaming kettle. Of course, in addition to steamed dishes, you can also order set meals and seafood bowls. (Gome Kaisendon 1,100 yen) When the food is steamed, the bell that was […]

  • 2023/1/8

To Obama Onsen where you can enjoy steaming ♪

Obama Onsen is a hot spring village located on the west side of the Shimabara Peninsula in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture. The hot spring inns lined up along the coastline and the steamy atmosphere of such a hot spring town are also popular. You can relax in the free footbath, which is the longest in the Japan, or look forward to stopping by and taking a dip. There are also specialty dishes such as steamed hot spring dishes and Obama champon. You can enjoy it even on a day trip, but this time I stayed for one night and enjoyed Obama Onsen slowly. From Fukuoka to Obama Onsen To get to Obama Onsen from Fukuoka by public transportation, go to Isahaya in Nagasaki Prefecture, It […]

  • 2021/11/22

Eat Akashi-yaki at Akashi Uotana Shopping Street!

Akashi Tayuki After returning to Akashi Port, I immediately came to the Uotana shopping street. According to the previous information, there should be many big fishing flags on the street, Maybe it’s because it’s after the self-restraint period, but it’s quiet. There are shops that are closed (such as the standing bar I was interested in). Wander the street and look for souvenirs. There are many shops that sell famous Akashi-yaki, anago, octopus, etc. There was information that many stores would be closed on Thursdays because there was no auction. I’m ♪ glad I came on Friday I bought anago tempura and boiled octopus. And the main purpose on this street is to eat Akashi-yaki! I’m worried that there are many shops, I decided on […]

  • 2021/11/17

Awaji Island Iwaya Port’s famous restaurant "Restaurant Hama Chidori"

Restaurant Hama Chidori After shopping for souvenirs at the roadside station Awaji, I walked back to Iwaya Port. It’s past 11 o’clock, so I head to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor. The menu is full of ♪ Awaji Island specialties Island raw rice bowl (with soup and pickles) 950 yen I wanted to eat this, so I planned this trip! It was a dish that made me glad that I came this far with fresh ♪ and transparent raw ~ . Kakiage of whitebait and onion (2 pieces) 400 yen The onions are sweet and if you sprinkle a little salt on them, they are exquisite. 1 fried red bean paste (2 sticks) 900 yen A dish with a large conger eel meat fluffy […]

  • 2021/11/11

Take a break at the roadside station Awaji

Roadside Station Awaji There is time until the cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the terminal building of Iwaya Port, which is the purpose of this trip, opens. I decided to go to the popular roadside station Awaji. If you check at the tourist information center, the free shuttle bus and the excursion bus (community bus) start at 11 o’clock. It takes about 25~30 minutes on foot, so I decided to go by taxi. While looking at this scenery, people drinking beer and eating seafood bowls flickered. When it’s lunchtime, it’s likely to be more. After looking for souvenirs, we walked back to Iwaya Port. Continues.. Please also watch the YouTube video. ≪ roadside station Awaji≫ It takes about 25 minutes on foot from Iwaya […]

  • 2021/11/8

Awaji Genobarain connecting Akashi and Iwaya

Day 2 The morning of the second day was fine! I checked out of the hotel and came to JR Himeji Station. Today we will take the JR line to Akashi. It takes about 25 minutes to get on the new rapid train. We arrived at Akashi Station. The main purpose of this trip. Or rather, it is not an exaggeration to say that I planned this trip to get here (laughs) I head to the cafeteria. Here is where I went from Akashi Station past the Akashi Uotana shopping street ↓↓↓ “Awaji Genoa Line Akashi Port” From here, head to Awaji Island! There are many pamphlets about Awaji Island tourist information in the terminal. Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines. When the departure […]

  • 2021/11/4

Oden and Kushikatsu Himeji shop

Oden and Kushikatsu Himeji shop The second case came to “Himeji Goodwill Street” in front of JR Himeji Station. On this street, there are seafood izakaya, sushi restaurants, and shops such as Himeji Oden. It seems that there is also a branch of Maru Masaie, which I visited in the first case. You can also enjoy it on this street. And the shop I chose was “Himeji Oden and Kushikatsu Shop”. It’s the first time I’ve encountered Himeji oden, but it seems that the way to eat it is to sprinkle ginger soy sauce on it. First, I ordered a drink. Draft beer (539 yen), Himeji lemon sour (484 yen). And here it comes! The main Himeji oden. There was also an assortment set, but […]

  • 2021/11/1

Himeji’s popular bar ”Marumasaya Main Store”

Marumasaya Main Store I wonder if it will be behind the Sanyo Department Store in front of the north exit of JR Himeji Station, under the overpass of Sanyo Himeji Station. I came to an arcade street called Minamimachi Chuo-dori. The purpose is “Marumasaya” just around the end of the arcade. It is a very affordable izakaya with a restaurant atmosphere where you can have a lunch. The menu was also substantial. The porridge is chopped cabbage in a ball (275 yen per person). This was all-you-can-eat. Hot grilled edamame (209 yen). Himeji’s specialty Hinepon (649 yen). Because it’s Himeji, I thought it was “Himepon“, but it was “Hinepon” (laughs) Perfect for sake with ponzu sauce flavor! It was exquisite. The grilled liver (429 yen) […]

  • 2021/10/24

Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple ~ Filming location of famous movies

Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple Return to Himeji Station and head to the bus stop. Purchase ♪ a discount ticket at the Shinki Bus counter behind bus stop 9 The round-trip bus ticket to the front of the Shoshayama ropeway and the round-trip ticket to the ropeway were a set, and it was 1,420 yen. (Maybe it’s about 140 yen cheaper) Take bus 8 from bus stop 10 to the last stop. After about 30 minutes, we arrived in front of the Shoshayama ropeway. It seems that the arrival time of the bus and the operating time of the ropeway are linked, and the staff hurriedly guided us to the ropeway platform. Upon arrival, you will pay the entrance fee (500 yen), and if you use the […]

  • 2021/10/20

Symbol of Himeji "Himeji Castle"

Himeji Castle I had a Japanese confectionery set at Mr. Jujiro, When you return to Otemae Street, you will see Himeji Castle in front of you! There are also several souvenir shops on the street. Then, let’s go sightseeing at Himeji Castle right away! Admission fee: 1,000 yen for adults. Regarding the area where the general public can walk, it seems that there is no prohibited section for taking photos and videos in principle. I enjoyed walking around the castle. Since the site is large, it takes about one hour just to aim for the castle tower. Comfortable clothes are recommended. We walked a lot, so we headed to lunch after this. Continues.. Please also watch the YouTube video. ≪Himeji Castle Himeji Castle≫ It is […]