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  • 2021/11/22

Eat Akashi-yaki at Akashi Uotana Shopping Street!

Akashi Tayuki After returning to Akashi Port, I immediately came to the Uotana shopping street. According to the previous information, there should be many big fishing flags on the street, Maybe it’s because it’s after the self-restraint period, but it’s quiet. There are shops that are closed (such as the standing bar I was interested in). Wander the street and look for souvenirs. There are many shops that sell famous Akashi-yaki, anago, octopus, etc. There was information that many stores would be closed on Thursdays because there was no auction. I’m ♪ glad I came on Friday I bought anago tempura and boiled octopus. And the main purpose on this street is to eat Akashi-yaki! I’m worried that there are many shops, I decided on […]