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Mt.Homan~A mountain where faith lives

1. About “Mt.Homan”

After experiencing Japanese culture at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and learning Japanese history at the Kyushu National Museum, you should climb Mt.Homan.

The climbing gate is near the Kamado shrine. After visiting the shrine, go to the left side there is a climbing gate.

Mt.Houman is a mountain loved by locals.

As we can enjoy the mountain walking for about 4 hours, group tourist and foreigners also visit recently.

Kamado shrine,the starting point at the climb is also known as the god for good match-making and is popular among young women.


2. Access(アクセス)

Kamadojinja (shrine)

Address: 883,uchiyama,dazaifu-shi

Tel: 092-922-4106


How to go: Take the bus「Mahoroba」from in front of JR Dazaifu Station.

And get off 「Uchiyama」 bus stop.

*It takes about 40 minutes to walk.