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Himeji’s castle town Doggu

Thursday: 9:26

I arrived 🎵 at Himeji Station

From Hakata, change the Shinkansen at Okayama for about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

A pleasant train trip 🚃 with good weather

Breakfast was early, so I was hungry.

Leave your luggage in the locker at the station and go for a walk in front of the station.

When you exit JR Himeji Station from the north exit, you will see Otemae Street in front of you.

And what you can see in the back is Himeji Castle, the symbol of Himeji!

It’s big.

You can’t say you’ve come to Himeji if you don’t go to this.

Convinced, I walked along the arcade street Miyuki Street.

1st restaurant Yamasa Kamaboko

It seems that the castle town is a gourmet food to eat around.

I found it as soon as I turned from the corner of Miyuki Street to Otemachi Street!

There are banners and signboards in the store, so it is easy to understand.

I wonder if it’s a highly recommended product.

In the store where you can see the paste being fried, I bought the castle town dogu without hesitation.

It looks like a corn dog.

When I ate it, there was a fish cake and cheese inside.

Each of them doesn’t make such a claim, and it’s a great harmony 😆

The dough dough is also moderately sweet and delicious 🎵.

The Japanese-style corn dog was more delicious than I expected and I finished eating it all at once lol.


Please also watch the YouTube video.


≪Yamasa Kamaboko Otemae store≫

From the north exit of JR Himeji Station, walk for about 10 minutes along Otemae-dori Street (right hand side).


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