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1. About “Bupyeongyanggopchang”

It is one of the famous Grilled pieces of beef innards specialty restaurants in Busan. The restaurant is full of customers so that people may be attracted to the smell of the pot that drifts in the street.

There are only three types of dish menus: pieces of beef innards salt grilled, pieces of beef innards sauce grilled, and pieces of beef innards hotpot. You can simply enjoy pieces of beef innards and liquor.

There is a nearby Bupyeong market, so it’s also a good idea to go shopping by the market.



2. 富平ヤンコプチャンについて





3. Access(アクセス)


≪ Bupyeongyanggopchang(부평양곱창)

Address: 17-Bupyeong2gil, Bupyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Busan

Tel: +82 51-245-6818

Open: 12:00 ~ 26:00