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JinjuBibimbap~Cheonhwangsikdang ( 천황식당 ) ~

1. About “Cheonhwangsikdang”

One of the Korean three major bibimbaps, “Jinju Bibimbap” is known that it put yukke (raw beef).

Jinju is a good place for a short trip, as it can be reached from Busan in less than two hours by express bus.

If you go out to Jinju, let’s eat “Jinju Bibimbap”, one of Jinju specialties!

“Cheonhwangsikdang” introduced here is a long-established restaurant as you can see from the appearance of store.

You may feel a little unsatisfactory because the amount of meal is a little small and the seasoning is refreshing, but please try the Korean specialty once.


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3. Access(アクセス)

≪ Cheonhwangsikdang(천황식당)

Address: 3Chokseok-ro 207beon-gil, Daean-dong, Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Tel: +82 55-741-2646

How to go: It is about 15 minutes by foot from Jinju Bus Terminal. Although it is near the central market, it is difficult to understand the location, so you should check the map.