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A beautiful peak with a view for the sea of ​​clouds and azalea ~ Nogodan 1,507M ( 노고단 )~

1. About “Nogodan”

Nogodan is a peak located in the Jirisan National Park, and one of the 10 views of Mount Jiri, “sea of ​​clouds” and the spring azalea are popular.

So I recommend climbing in mid-May. During this period, the area around the summit is dyed with azalea pink and becomes a beautiful garden.

However, please keep in mind that admission may be restricted within the summit gate as it is popular.

In addition, we recommend that you take a stroll because “Hwaeomsa”, which is the starting point of the climb, is an ancient temple that was built in 544 and has many cultural assets.


2. 老姑壇について






3. Access(アクセス)

≪ Hwaeomsa ( 화엄사 ) ≫

Address: 539-1, Hwaeomsa-ro, Masan-myeon, Gurve, Jeollanam-do, Korea


How to go: Take the Hwaeomsa line bus from Gurye Bus Terminal.


※There are about 1 bus per hour.