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The highest peak on Ganghwa Island ~ Mt.Mani 472.1M( 마니산 )~

1. About “Mt.Mani”

Mt.Mani on Ganghwa Island is 472.1 meters above sea level and not high mountain, but one of the 100 most famous mountains in Korea.

To go there are inconvenient on the traffic ways, so I think many people go by car, but you can also enjoy a day trip from Seoul by bus or subway(or train).

Because it is a mountain trail with many stairs, it requires a little physical strength, but the view you can enjoy from the top is worth a look.

However, the breeze from the sea blows the summit, so it is refreshing in summer, but it seems to be a severe mountain in winter.

2. 摩尼山(マニサン)について






3. Access(アクセス)

≪ Mt.Manisan(摩尼山) ≫


How to go:Take the №2000 bus from Hongik Univ. station of subway line2.


※Due to the small number of buses, you need to check the time.